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    Janet Kuypers has a Communications degree in News/Editorial Journalism (starting in computer science engineering studies) from the UIUC. She had the equivalent of a minor in photography and specialized in creative writing. A portrait photographer for years in the early 1990s, she was also an acquaintance rape workshop facilitator, and she started her publishing career as an editor of two literary magazines. Later she was an art director, webmaster and photographer for a few magazines for a publishing company in Chicago, and this Journalism major was even the final featured poetry performer of 15 poets with a 10 minute feature at the 2006 Society of Professional Journalism Expo’s Chicago Poetry Showcase. This certified minister was even the officiant of a wedding in 2006.

    She sang with acoustic bands “Mom’s Favorite Vase”, “Weeds and Flowers” and “the Second Axing”, and does music sampling. Kuypers is published in books, magazines and on the internet around 9,300 times for writing, and over 17,800 times for art work in her professional career (she also has frequented the Internet with videos of readings), and has been profiled in such magazines as Nation and Discover U, won the award for a Poetry Ambassador and was nominated as Poet of the Year for 2006 by the International Society of Poets. She has also been highlighted on radio stations, including WEFT (90.1FM), WLUW (88.7FM), WSUM (91.7FM), WZRD (88.3FM), WLS (8900AM - the largest talk new radio station in Chicago, where at one point she even had a ~10 minute interview and discussion live on the air about her literary magazine “Children, Churches and Daddies”), the internet radio stations ArtistFirst dot com, chicagopoetry.com’s Poetry World Radio and Scars Internet Radio (SIR), and was even shortly on Q101 FM radio. She has also appeared on television for poetry in Nashville (in 1997), Chicago (in 1997), and northern Illinois (in a few appearances on the show for the Lake County Poets Society in 2006). Kuypers was also interviewed on her art work on Urbana’s CBS / WCIA channel 3 10 o’clock news.

    She turned her writing into performance art on her own and with musical groups like Pointless Orchestra, 5D/5D, The DMJ Art Connection, Order From Chaos, Peter Bartels, Jake and Haystack, the Bastard Trio, and the JoAnne Pow!ers Trio, and starting in 2005 Kuypers ran a monthly iPodCast of her work, as well mixed JK Radio — an Internet radio station — into Scars Internet Radio (both radio stations on the Internet air 2005-2009). She even managed the Chaotic Radio show (an hour long Internet radio show 1.5 years, 2006-2007) through BZoO.org and chaoticarts.org. She has performed spoken word and music across the country - in the spring of 1998 she embarked on her first national poetry tour, with featured performances, among other venues, at the Albuquerque Spoken Word Festival during the National Poetry Slam; her bands have had concerts in Chicago and in Alaska; in 2003 she hosted and performed at a weekly poetry and music open mike (called Sing Your Life), and from 2002 through 2005 was a featured performance artist, doing quarterly performance art shows with readings, music and images.

    Since 2010 Kuypers also hosts the Chicago poetry open mic at the Café Callery (which moved from The Café from 2010-2011 to Gallery Cabaret in 2012), while also broadcasting the Café Gallery’s regular feature podcasts (and where she sometimes also performs impromptu mini-features of poetry or short stories or songs, in addition to other shows she performs live in the Chicago area).

    In addition to being published with Bernadette Miller in the short story collection book Domestic Blisters, as well as in a book of poetry turned to prose with Eric Bonholtzer in the book Duality, Kuypers has had many books of her own published: Hope Chest in the Attic, The Window, Close Cover Before Striking, (woman.) (spiral bound), Autumn Reason (novel in letter form), the Average Guy’s Guide (to Feminism), Contents Under Pressure, etc., and eventually The Key To Believing (2002 650 page novel), Changing Gears (travel journals around the United States), The Other Side (European travel book), The Boss Lady’s Editorials, The Boss Lady’s Editorials (2005 Expanded Edition), Seeing Things Differently, Change/Rearrange, Death Comes in Threes, Moving Performances, Six Eleven, Live at Cafe Aloha, Dreams, Rough Mixes, The Entropy Project, The Other Side (2006 edition), Stop., Sing Your Life, the hardcover art book (with an editorial) in cc&d v165.25, the Kuypers edition of Writings to Honour & Cherish, The Kuypers Edition: Blister and Burn, S&M, cc&d v170.5, cc&d v171.5: Living in Chaos, Tick Tock, cc&d v1273.22: Silent Screams, Taking It All In, It All Comes Down, Rising to the Surface, Galapagos, Chapter 38 (v1 and volume 1), Chapter 38 (v2 and Volume 2), Chapter 38 v3, Finally: Literature for the Snotty and Elite (Volume 1, Volume 2 and part 1 of a 3 part set), A Wake-Up Call From Tradition (part 2 of a 3 part set), (recovery), Dark Matter: the mind of Janet Kuypers , Evolution, Adolph Hitler, O .J. Simpson and U.S. Politics, the one thing the government still has no control over, (tweet), Get Your Buzz On, Janet & Jean Together, po•em, Taking Poetry to the Streets, the Cana-Dixie Chi-town Union, the Written Word, Dual, Prepare Her for This, uncorrect, Living in a Big World (color interior book with art and with “Seeing a Psychiatrist”), Pulled the Trigger (part 3 of a 3 part set), Venture to the Unknown (select writings with extensive color NASA/Huubble Space Telescope images), Janet Kuypers: Enriched, She’s an Open Book, “40”, Sexism and Other Stories, the Stories of Women, Prominent Pen (Kuypers edition), Elemental, the paperback book of the 2012 Datebook (which was also released as a spiral-bound cc&d ISSN# 2012 little spiral datebook, Prominent Tongue, Chaotic Elements, Fusion, Stabity Stabity Stab Stab Stab, “a Picture’s Worth 1,000 words” (a photography book with color interior pages and b&w inter pages), Post-Apocalyptic, and the cc&d ISSN# hard cover full color photo book Life, in Color (available from shutterfly), Burn Through Me and Under the Sea (photo book), the mini books Part of my Pain, Let me See you Stripped, Say Nothing, Give me the News, when you Dream tonight, Rape, Sexism, Life & Death (with some Slovak poetry translations), Twitterati, and 100 Haikus, that coincided with the June 2014 release of the two poetry collection books Partial Nudity and Revealed. Three collection books were also published of her work in 2004, Oeuvre (poetry), Exaro Versus (prose) and L’arte (art).

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Gary, Editor, The Road Out of Town
I like (Kuypers’) poetry. So much poetry being written now is existential angst. I like the sort of poetry that paints a picture in your head and you feel like you are there - physically or emotionally - for just a second.

Taproot Zine Reviews (on “Looking Through Their Windows”)
I like Janet Kuypers’ poems...for a poet under 30, her mastery of the simple word is exceptional. Too many poets, when they attempt a change of persona (especially in the first person voice), the result is often flat, unbelievable, too forced. Not so with Kuypers. In the poem “Private Lives III, the elevated train”, she takes us for a ride with morning commute yuppies on a crowded train to work. Suddenly the poet’s disgust for these middle-class workers surfaces; when she observes a woman decked out in a full-length fur coat, her reaction becomes the urge to spill coffee on the woman. “I’ll bet they don’t even know what the animals they killed for this looked like,” she writes. Most of the other poems here are good, though Kuypers’ emotionality can become intense, if not bewildering. --kn

Jesus Trejo, writer (on the writing of Janet Kuypers)
(Kuypers’) poetry is excellent, great, with an aftertaste of self-questioning. All I can hope for is for her to keep on entertaining and amusing with her words the ears of poetry lovers and amateur poets as myself.

Brian B. Braddock, Writer (on 1996 Children, Churches and Daddies)
I passed on a copy to my brother who is the director of the St. Camillus AIDS programs. We found (Children, Churches and Daddies) obvious dedication along this line admirable.

Fred Whitehead, Editor, Freethought History (re: “Philosopher at the Blue Note”)
This “Blue Note” poem instantly haunted me because of its gritty realism, and its deceptive “simplicity” (consider further what this guy’s “religion” really is...and how “universal” it may be out there). She resolutely tells the truth about the lives of people in contemporary America, shorn of glitter and evasion and deceit. I admire her vigor and her purpose, and especially how she accomplishes all this with freshness of vision. Discarding illusions without mercy, she’s one of the bravest new voices on the scene today.

Paul Weinman, Writer (on 1996 Children, Churches and Daddies)
Wonderful new direction (Children, Churches and Daddies has) taken - great articles, etc. (especially those on AIDS). Great stories - all sorts of hot info!

Jerin Stanlake, Writer, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (on the writing of Janet Kuypers and the Internet Site)
Wow! She kicks!! Right on!! I just got this ’ere Internet thingie up and running this week and I been checking out the net for a place to drop my poetry...I wanna make sure I don’t waste my time with a poetry server who ain’t gonna bother with me....anyways, I was reading The Burning first, then This Is What It Means... and a couple more including The Letter, and I was really impressed, finally someone who actually got personally involved in their poetry, not standing back like some “Frasier Sitcom” intellectual type....you know what I mean? I mean you get into (Kuypers’) stuff, you FEEL it...obviously I really like poetry, the more powerful and intense the better...and I think I’m sitting on a g-damn nuclear bomb...

Lionel Bernard, Washington D.C.
(Kuypers’) poems are a treat to read.
I read (I Remember) twice and I must say that it was quite moving.
What I like about her writing is that it is very personal and she writes as though you were holding a conversation. Keep up the good work!

Joe Peebles, Editor, Diarist’s Journal
(Kuypers’ work) is great writing, and she writes extremely well...She is a great writer. Keep up the good work...Diarist’s Journal can certainly use people with her talent.

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