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Above image is a collage of photographs of Ellen, outdoors with a paintbrush and a mirror on an easel

Welcome to the Kuypers Personal Art Gallery

Here is a collection of assorted art available on the Internet from Kuypers...

This is a little less than one tenth of the kuypers electronic art collection, randomly generated. There are other collections of her work available on the Internet, including collections of work sorted by year or by location. If you would like to see more work from this collection, refresh this page for a new random generation of images.

If you would like to see other pieces of artwork, they are listed in the art section of, at chaotic arts, or in Kuypers’ art section at Artvilla, or at Kuypers’ art section at, or at Kuypers’ art section where you can get Deep Thoughts on the writing and art of Kuypers. This art is also listed through the art link at Scars Publications.

Janet Kuypers has the equivalent of a minor in photography through her news editorial/communications Journalism degree at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. Kuypers worked as a freelance photographer during her college years, primarily taking portrait photographs and group photos. After working on Macintosh computers and moving into graphic design as a career, Kuypers became fascinated with computer editing and manipulation of photographs.

Kuypers has focused on documentary photography, journalistic photography and portrait photography. She learned how to process color and black and white photography and she also learned how to paint and color photos.

Kuypers’ photography has been used in numerous books, and her art photography has been used on over seventeen thousand occasions in literary/art magazines and web publications. Her art work has been used in every performance art show she has run since 2002, and her work has been on display on a few occasions as well, including in book stores, and even in the art gallery show “Healing Works,” where she was interviewed about her art work live on the local television news. The listing above is just a small sample of pher images. To see other photos, go to the art section of, or contact Kuypers.

Copyright through Scars Publicatiuons and Design, Janet Kuypers, All Rights Reserved. All images are by Janet Kuypers and the vast majority of Kuypers images photographed before June 2004 also holds a U.S. Government copyright. No material may be reprinted without express permission from the author.