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you once so confidently

I found you at the pool hall
with your excuses for friends
taking a drag from your filtered cigarette
I don’t even think you inhaled

I hurled my anger at you
the flames from my eyes struck you
but your sculpted hair wasn’t even singed
and you remained as cool
as you imagined yourself to be

and as I turned away
and stormed toward the swinging door
the deafening silence was broken
by a feeble cough
I looked back and saw you
and immobile emotionless statue
with beads of sweat running down your forehead

as I cocked my head
I closed my eyes
and the flames I once hurled were extinguished
as quickly as the cigarette
you once so confidently smoked

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All rights reserved. No material
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the book Hope Chest In The Attic Life on the Edge, 2007 ccd collection book, front cover It All Comes Down, 2007 Janet Kuypers book, front cover Rising to the Surface, 2007 Janet Kuypers book, front cover the CD Moving Performances

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