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domestic violence in america
nashville, tennessee

according to accounts, her husband
allegedly locked her and their
four-year-old son in their house

for about forty hours. They were
essentially hostages. The husband
then allegedly beat the woman

while the son watched. This is the
stick he allegedly used to keep her
in line, it looks like a metal broom

or mop handle, it’s hollow, and you
see, here is a bend in it from the
hitting. The bend looks like a twist

of a garden hose. And this bloody
knit glove, it was tied on here, at
the end of the stick, so that when he

allegedly hit her it didn’t scar her.
Isn’t that funny? You can tell that
the son was there for it all, too, he

doesn’t talk much at all, and he never
leaves his mother’s side. She limps down
the hallway now, and he follows.

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