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no consequences

the average child,
watching the average
amount of television
in their lifetime

witnesses eight thousand
by the time they leave
elementary school

by the time they are
eighteen years old,
they witness
two hundred thousand
acts of violence

and they laugh
when they hear
their leading man say
"consider this
a divorce"
then pull the trigger

"do you feel
lucky, punk"

suddenly there’s no
consequence to violence

no pain, no remorse

we’re the mtv generation
we feel no highs or lows

we’ve learned life by watching it
not living it

"have you killed people?"
"yeah, but they were
all bad"

how funny, what wit

they witness
two hundred thousand
acts of violence

what are we teaching them?

suddenly there’s no

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Blister and Burn, Janet Kuypers 2007 book