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the one you always loved

what if you and the one person you always loved
the one person you would always have a place in your heart for
the one that was your mentor
the one that was your first love
the one you’ll always feel a twinge of pain when thinking about
the one that was your soul mate
the one you thought of as the one that got away
the one person you have regrets over leaving

what if the two of you were friends
and you thought still that he was your soul mate
and you didn’t know what your future entailed
and you wanted to see him because he was your teacher
and you’ll always love him
and you don’t know what you’re hoping for
and you’re definitely hoping for something

and then you talk to him
and he says that it would be good to see you
and then he drops this bomb, that he has a girlfriend
and then he says that he’s been going out with her for over a year

and I know it’s retarded
but you’ve never met anyone like him
and you don’t know what else to hope for

what would you do then?

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Blister and Burn, Janet Kuypers 2007 book