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Dreams 01-19-04 Three

Once I had a dream
that I went for a hiking walk
though the suburban-like streets
to get to a forest preserve
with Tom.
It’s strange,
I never spent time with Tom,
but we were metting up
to go for a walk together.
Well anyway, he came by,
and he even brought a burrito
for me to eat,
because he thought I’d be hungry.
I thought that was really nice of him,
and we started walking down the street
(to get to a forest preserve),
and I opened up the wrapped burrito
and took a bite.
And I don’t remember the taste in my mouth,
but I know there was chicken in this burrito,
and I thought he knew I was a vegetarian.
So I got really angry,
and I said,
‘hey, wait, there’s meat in this.
Didn’t you know I was a vegetarian?
You had to know.’
And I just got so angry,
maybe he didn’t know
and he was just trying to be nice.
But he was a meat eater
and I wasn’t.
maybe, in my dream, we were together
and we really don’t know each other at all.

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