The Cafe chicago poetry readings The Cafe hosts an open mic and a regular feature show at 5115 North Lincoln Ave. (just south of Foster) in Chicago, IL. Because recordings from recent years are so video-intensive, we have separated each weekly recorded listing into its own web page. In the meantime, feel free to choose a date to listen to sound clips from.

(Also note that amongst all available audio files available on this page, all Macintosh .aif files, Linux .au files and Windows .wav files are low resolution versions of all of the poetry readings available. The only CD quality versions of these audio recordings are in the available mp3 files.)

Followiung is a list of dates (from most recent to oldest) of Kuypers performances at The Cafe.

10/06/09 09/29/09
08/18/09 09/01/09 09/22/09
02/24/09 03/10/09 04/14/09
09/09/08 with links to the Janet Kuypers Feature Seeing a Psychiatrist 12/16/08
02/16/08 07/08/08 08/26/08
05/29/07 06/19/07 07/10/07
12/13/05 (unrecorded)
08/09/05 11/15/05 11/22/05
04/26/05 05/03/05 06/07/05 {Stripped}
performance art show
03/15/05 March 22, 2005 03/29/05
02-15-05 of the performance art show How Do I Get There? 03/01/05
10/19/04 11/09/04 February 8, 2005
09/21/04 09/28/04 the Questions in a World
Without Answers
art show, 10/05/04
08/03/04 08/10/04 09/07/04
4/27/04 5/18/04 06/22/04 with the
Janet Kuypers Feature
A Night of Firsts
1/20/04 4/06/04 4/13/04
11/18/03 12/02/03 1/12/04
9/23/03 10/28/03 11/04/03

There is also a 3 CD set of performances from J. Kuypers at the Cafe, collected into this release. This 3 CD set of live poerformances are included in Live at the Cafe includes not only recordings from 2003, 2004 and 2005, but it also contains recordings of two performance art shows — A Night of Firsts from 06/22/04, and Stripped from 06/07/05. Bonus tracks in this 3 CD set even include live recordings from Coffee Chicago, Molly Malone’s, and even recordings from the Chicago Poetry Fest on both years, 2004 and 2005! You can order a copy of this all original music and poetry for only $12.95 by sending an e-mail to Scars Publications.

Real Music Guide
Rolling Stone
JB Hi-Fi
Live at the Cafe - 3 disc set

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