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praying to idols

every onc in a while
i question whether or not there is a god
bu i changed my mind
i thought i have found him

he had dark hair
        almost black
        just like a god should
and he had these blue eyes
        not just blue
        almost white
        so light
        they look like glass
        and you could almost see right through them

and could i see right through you
if you gave me the chance?

i’d clasp my rosary necklace
and pray to the right gods
        and wouldn’t they be you
and i’d let the necklace drape over my shoulders
around my neck
and i’d let the rosary fall between my breasts
and you would forgive me that much more for my sins

how many hail marys
would you want me to say
i’d ask

i cannot believe i have seen you
and i have talked to you
and does everyone get to see their god like this
and does everyone remember

why do you have to be my god
why did i have to see you
and talk to you
and realize how young you are
and realize how inexperienced you are
        i mean, you’re supposed to be the god
        you’re supposed to be teaching ME

is this what people think
when their gods let them down
        did you let me down
        or did i just never know
        what i was looking for?
is this what people think
when they realize
they are only praying to idols
what then?

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All rights reserved. No material
may be reprinted without express permission.

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