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get me out of this cage

you’ve been trying to censor me
                for God knows how long

I don’t know, maybe you didn’t want to hear my views
because you didn’t believe those views should be expressed
but you never knew what I stood for

you never wanted my voice to be heard
because you always thought of me as a possession
                and not a person

yeah, I can be a real pain in the ass
to anyone that doesn’t want to hear me
but you know what?
                people do want to listen
people value the right to speak their minds

and people know that if you take that away from someone
                you’re taking it away from everyone

so you can try to leave me in this locked cage
you can try to keep me away from everyone else
but you know, I’ve been clawing at the roof
I can feel the grooves in the ceiling here from my fight
                but I still have nails on the tips of my fingers
                so I know I can keep clawing,
                I know I can keep fighting
                because I know I have more work to do
                and I’ll get it done, I tell you
                I’ll be free again

your cage isn’t air-tight
I’ve seen light from outside
                when you’ve had me trapped
and every once in a while, I’ve seen shadows
and I’m sure there are people there

you can’t keep me trapped like this forever
because people will hear my screams
                through the cracks in your precious cage

and no, I don’t care what kind of cage you put me in
cause I’ll keep fighting
                I’m strong like that, you know

I don’t want to hear that you think I go too far
because as much as you try to oppress me
                 as much as you try to repress me
I’m supposed to have some inalienable rights here

I’ve heard the way you think
and I know you think I already have too many rights
and I know you’re a product of the MTV generation
and I know you’re addicted to playing video games
                yeah, you’d rather spend you time
                interacting with a story on a screen,
                with your precious little joystick,
                than actually talking to someone

but just because you don’t feel like reaching out to people
doesn’t mean you can force me into that cage again

I suppose if you don’t think
if you don’t watch the news
if you don’t interact with people,
you think,
why should anyone want to talk to people?

if you want that for yourself, fine
if you don’t mind giving up rights
because you have nothing to offer
but the rest of the world doesn’t think like you
and we sure the Hell don’t want you
                ruling over us

since nine eleven, laws have been passed
to legally take our rights away
you know, to make us more safe

fair trade, freedom for perceived safety

but I’d rather fly in the face of danger in this country
I’d rather make it on my own without the likes of you
if it means I might be more free

I’ll look over my shoulder
I’ll watch out for myself

I’ll do whatever I have to
to make sure that the likes of you
can never stop the likes of me

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