The book “Tick Tock” is based on the CD release of the same same — because the CD “Tick Tock” was originally a 2002 CD release with music by 5D/5D set to poetry by Janet Kuypers. For this 2007 book release, there are additional sections to the book — not only is there the original CD “Tick Tock” section, but also a section on contemporary poetry, a section of “news poetry” (poetry from news stories, with some of these poems used in the performance art show SIN (Scars Internet News performance 9/20/05, and even a fourth section of editorials from 2007 issues of cc&d magazine. This collection is available for Internet sale only as a paperback book.

The paperback book is now at a discounted price!

    On this page you will see a listing of all of the writings included in this collection. Enjoy!

Part One: the Tick Tock CD


Holding My Skin Together

Lost in the Breeze

After the Wreckage

All Your Fault

Gears get Caught in the Mud

Fighting I Can Do

‘Til The Fear In Me Subsides

Helping Men in Public Places

Part Two: Contemporary Poetry

Worn Out

The Writing of my Life

Key To Survival

On All Fours

Tribal Scream

The View of the Alley

Self Confidence

the Quiet One

Dream 12/24/05: Aeon Flux Crawl

Dreams 01/19/04 Two/Dream One: Dog Stuck to my Face

Japanese Television 2004

Dreams 04/20/05: Knife Fight

Stop Drop and Roll

How Much For Your Poem

The Little Differences

Private Lives 2005

Dreams 03/16/06 (Jerry Springer)

Communication ‘05

Part Three: News Poetry

Terrorism Intelligence

Couch Potato

The Good “Doctor”

Airbags For Security and Defense

the Hands of a Handyman

Bad Tricks With The Cue Stick

Anything For The Liquor Fix

Big Hair and Fire Don’t Mix

Cigarette Butts are Lethal

Doctors, Breast Implants and Huge Pectoral Muscles

I Wanna Be Like Jesus

Too Many Guns

Choose Your Fate: by Knife or by Car

God Will Save Me

Internet Chainsaw Relationship

John Stories

Lava... At A Rolling Boil

Low-end Lipo

Octopi Target McDonald’s

The Hands of a Handyman

Organic Sex Toy

The Perils of Lovemaking

Running Toward Your Demise

the First Death of the New Millennium

The Power of the Devil

Part Four: Editorials

(these editorials are slated for printing in 2006 and 2007 issues of cc&d magazine.

Do Protests Equal Violence?

Hillary Clinton:
Losing Her Chance at the Presidency

Writing Doesn’t Halt Violence
(consider Stanley “Tookie” Williams)

The World Knows You
(well, at least they can...)

Shoving Our “Good Life” Down the Enemy’s Throats
And what makes us think they want to be like us?

Failure to Implement Basic Security
(Even When Creative With Our Ideas...)

Putting Up Walls Is Never The Solution

Child Molesters & JonBenet Ramsey

The Columbine Connection & a love affair with violence

Does Rainforest Cafe Love the Rainforest?

Proving the Existence of Jesus

The Vegetative State, Part II
So what defines when someone’s alive?

If I Did It: Justifying the Morally Reprehensible
(about O.J. Simpson’s book about what his double murder “might” have been like)

Election Hell & Gossip Galore

Clinton, the Black Contingency & the Political Machine
the real chance for a President that’s not a white man

Choose Your Theory: Science or God

Are We Safe Yet?

Paying for Canceling Cancer?
the potential and the fear of halting most cervical cancer —
and the cost of “forcing” it down young girl’s throats

This Story’s Heating Up: the Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming: reports from Chicago to China?
looking for climate correction from at home in Chicago all the way to China

A Different Light on the Global Warming Debate

Abortion, Eugenics, and the Line of Life

Does the Internet Equal the End of reading?
does the advent of new technology mean the end of reading from a newspaper?

Anna Nicole Smith
the Fascination with the embodiment of all of America7#146;s Stereotypes

Fear... Generated by the 24-hour News Stations
evidence from both the liberal media
and more right-wing news stations

Diffusing Our Dependence
Americans can’t seem to give up oil for heating their homes and gasoline for powering their SUVs. Maybe science can help us use food instead of fuel to reduce our dependence on the Middle-East.


Designed using QuarkXPress v6.5, images were photographed using the Sony Mavica digital camera, and edited in Adobe Photoshop v7.0. Fonts in this collection include AGaramond (and Bold, BoldItalic and Italic, for body copy), B Futura Bold and B Futura Light (for the titles), Helvetica Ult Compressed (for the Scars logo), Janet Big Cheese (for the icon of the man with the weights next to the Scars url on this copyright page), and Trajan Bold (for bullets). mages were photographed in Champaign, Urbana, Palos Park, and Chicago Illinois, as well as at a beach in central California.


About the Author

    Janet Kuypers has a Communications degree in News/Editorial Journalism (starting in computer science engineering studies) from the UIUC. She had the equivalent of a minor in photography and specialized in creative writing. A portrait photographer for years in the early 1990s, she was also an acquaintance rape workshop facilitator, and she started her publishing career as an editor of two literary magazines. Later she was an art director, webmaster and photographer for a few magazines for a publishing company in Chicago, and this Journalism major was even the final featured poetry performer of 15 poets with a 10 minute feature at the 2006 Society of Professional Journalism Expo’s Chicago Poetry Showcase. This certified minister was even the officiant of a wedding in 2006.
    She sang with acoustic bands “Mom’s Favorite Vase”, “Weeds and Flowers” and “the Second Axing”, and does music sampling. Kuypers is published in books, magazines and on the internet around 9,300 times for writing, and over 17,800 times for art work in her professional career, and has been profiled in such magazines as Nation and Discover U, won the award for a Poetry Ambassador and was nominated as Poet of the Year for 2006 by the International Society of Poets. She has also been highlighted on radio stations, including WEFT (90.1FM), WSUM (91.7FM), WZRD (88.3FM), WLS (8900AM), the internet radio stationsArtistFirst dot com,’s Poetry World Radio and Scars Internet Radio (SIR), and was even shortly on Q101 FM radio. She has also appeared on television for poetry in Nashville (in 1997), Chicago (in 1997), and northern Illinois (in a few appearances on the show for the Lake County Poets Society in 2006). Kuypers was also interviewed on her art work on Urbana’s WCIA channel 3 10 o’clock news.
    Inducted as a Poetry Ambassador during Poetry Month in 2006 & 2007, and nominated to be Poet of the Year in 2007, Kuypers turned her writing into performance art on her own and with musical groups like Pointless Orchestra,” “5D/5D” and “Order From Chaos,” and starting in 2005 Kuypers ran a monthly iPodCast of her work, as well as an Internet radio station (JK Radio) — she even manages the Chaotic Radio show (an hour long Internet radio show) through and She has performed spoken word and music across the country - in the spring of 1998 she embarked on her first national poetry tour, with featured performances, among other venues, at the Albuquerque Spoken Word Festival during the National Poetry Slam; her bands have had concerts in Chicago and in Alaska; in 2003 she hosted and performed at a weekly poetry and music open mike (called Sing Your Life), and from 2002 through 2005 was a featured performance artist, doing quarterly performance art shows with readings, music and images.
    In addition to being published with Bernadette Miller in the short story collection book Domestic Blisters, as well as in a book of poetry turned to prose with Eric Bonholtzer in the book Duality, Kuypers has had many books of her own published: Hope Chest in the Attic, The Window, Close Cover Before Striking, (woman.) (spiral bound), Autumn Reason (novel in letter form), the Average Guy’s Guide (to Feminism), Contents Under Pressure, etc., and eventually The Key To Believing (2002 650 page novel), Changing Gears (travel journals around the United States), The Other Side (European travel book), The Boss Lady’s Editorials, The Boss Lady’s Editorials2005 Expanded Edition, Seeing Things Differently, Change/Rearrange, Death Comes in Threes, Moving Performances, Six Eleven, Live at Cafe Aloha, Dreams, Rough Mixes, The Entropy Project, The Other Side (2006 edition), Stop., Sing Your Life, the hardcover art book (with an editorial) in cc&d v165.25, the Kuypers edition of Writings to Honour & Cherish, The Kuypers Edition: Blister and Burn, S&M, cc&d v170.5 Writings To Honour & Cherish (the Kuypers Edition), and cc&d v171.5: Living in Chaos. Three collection books were also published of her work in 2004, Oeuvre (poetry), Exaro Versus (prose) and L’arte (art).