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    Wandering Words is your chance to “edit” any of these Kuypers poems. Below is a list of poems - when you select any poem, a new window will appear with the poem in the left panel. Every word (including any punctuation in the poem) will be listed in a separated “box.” You can then take any of the words from the original poem and literally move them to the right panel, to generate your version of the poem.
    Wandering Words is set up so that you can move the words, and they will automatically lock into a line in the right panel (so the words will line up evenly). Then you’ll see at the bottom of the panels a chance to change the title of the poem and a button to see your poem laid out as text.
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Check out 2014-2017 Wandering Words haiku
& poems (through 10/17)!

Addiction Ants and Crosses barbed bear
behind Arsenic and Syphilis blood brain
brewery can’t get you bruised cage
census choice choke civil
clogged coincidence? console close
control defenses destroy cover
drowning difference don’t earth
everyone eminence elusive end
ends enemies energy enemy
eventually escape (2014) errors evil
essence escape (2017) easy enjoy
existence explosions faith feel
extend exterior extinct fit
floor falling fog force
forever found haiku found form
fought greatest free gone
ghosts haiku (poet) groove guide
heaviness imprisoned / ignorance humans hold
instead John’s Mind Jimbo job
jobless jumped (2014) judge keep
kindness jumped (2017) key kill
knowing knife (2017) know knees
life (2014) Lucille Ann labor last
lost (2017) love (true story haiku) mirror lost
misogyny octopi and brains mister much
nightmares octopi and dogs oceans need
opening of his thirst oil only
ourselves out there organs out
predator pleading pant pet
predator pleading pant pet
quarrel Quoting Twitter
with a Found Haiku
run rush
scorches relegated rescue sort
stagger this is only a test soul sting
timing translation (2014 haiku) study strike
unbounded you were meant uphill unless
violation upside-down upturn xeric
universe Visakhapatnam years you

Check out 2013 & 2014 Wandering Words
(through January 2014)!

even if the pope
claims it
explaining what
condoms are for
Jumping from the
Skyline to the Clouds
knew what he
was talking about
filed under fiction Flying to China Foreign Farmer Just Cave In
Lawrencium Objectifiable Our Lady of Mercy unclean left hands
shoe prints
on the toilet seat
until the next
truck comes
on Witnessing
the Icy Graveyard

Over 50 poems have been added to Wandering Words
(through April 2013)...

Basic Investment Question Before it Occurred to Me Bimbo
Broke the Reflection Building Houses out of Pallets couldn’t
Dentist in Iraq eight people outside Envision It in the Night Sky
Even With no no Wish Bone Ever Consumed Goat Ever Expanding Spaces
Excuses to Ignore me exposed ankles found poem
found poem from
a New Jersey mom
On a Downtown
Chicago Light Pole
Zach Makes Me Think
About These Things
Guantanamo Bay Hunt the Game Inches Above the Ground
Jaw Gets Sore Jet Puffed Just Making Face After Face
Just Saw a Circa Koala Porn Lost my Breath
mechanical soldiers melted marshmallow Moros y Cristianos
Mother’s Day 2012 My New Grocery List Obama on the Subway
Occupy Get His Product to Town On This Ride
once i saw Only Occasionally Only Searching
Opening Our Own Doors our lady of humility’s hypocrisy Overweight Reasons
oxygen bars Pork Skins Poverty in America
Quenching Anybody’s Thirst Ruminating Skittery
Surviving the Apocalypse Ugly babies need the most love Vengeful Phone
Yeah, the Passion You Can’t Tell Goth Girl Photographer


...And over 55 poems were added in the second wave
(September 2010) of Wandering Words!

(And You Could Hold Me) At the Camp Bar Poem 20100421
Be Free of You Became a Jungle Bitter Suburbs
Build Your Own Cross Carrying Me Through Cast in Stone
Chicago Dead Grass Fires Drinking Their Life Away
Egg for a Week Escape Eternal Struggle
Evicted Today Evil Floats Exhaling
finding Faith
in a Grocery Store
He Makes Me Think
About These Things
Tumbling Diaper
Seeks Fresh Baby
From Words to Wars Fingers Black How He Failed
I Think About These Things Just Let It Glide Over Me Keep Driving
Keep Me Sane Labeled Me Agan Like Cheesecake
Live in my Imagination Marine Rifle Poem Menu Poem
Money Became an Abstract No Thank You On Ashes
Opinions Out of my Element Painted Buddhas
Pinchy Pock-marked Mole Hills Prefer Things Soft
Rushed Somewhere Else Spent
Spit Me Out Suicide (heat) Poem Swallowing Sand and Pebbles
Teaches Our Childres The Cycle of Life Translation
For Better or for Worse Where Does the Love Go Witnessing Hitler’s Reign
Wondering Why You Cannot Burn Me You’ve Already Paid for This


You can also enjoy the classic Wandering Words poems:


A Diamond I Want Love Screaming
A Retired Policeman Talks
About Suicides He’s Seen.
I Want More Than That Seasons 1998
A Smile On My Face I’m Always The One See you Crawl
All Men Have Secrets Infallible Self-Confidence
an Innocent Glance Jackson Square/Bourbon Street Self-Destructive
Ants and Gods Japanese Television She Told Me Her Dreams 6
Any Help At All Jonathan Shiny New Again
Backbone Family Act J’reviens Signs of the Times
Because I Am Told Knife (1986) Sometimes the Light
Burn Through Me Knife (1994) Start All Over
Changing Garments Knowing Kevorkian Supposed To Be Done
Choices Life Tall Man
Civil War Like Daggers Terrorism Intelligence
Crush/But I Won’t Looking Out For Number One th
Cry To Be Held Love Has Tendrils The Deep End
Deity Discipline Make Me The Hammer Falls
Did You Know I Was Watching? Make People Think The House of the Forest
Didn’t Know What it Was Mask The Hunter and The Fox
Doctors, Breast Implants
and Huge Pectoral Muscles
Masquerade The Joshua Tree
Domestic Violence in America,
Nashville Tennessee
Mean to Me The Mind of John
Door Frame Meant to Be The Nightmare
Down the Drain Monotony The Power of the Devil
Driving Car Into Ditch Moonlight The Sky Is Always Blue
Each Morning More Whiskey Sours The Tears
Ending a Relationship (a haiku) Morning Will Be Kind The Things Warren Says
Especially at Breakfast Mulberry Zoo They Never Ask Me
Feel So Much My Too Much Light
Fighting I Can Do My Blood Trying
Finest Feeling My Life Changing Two Not Mute Haikus
Fire Alarms Naivety Two Years
Fit the Bill Never Did The Same Under the Sea
For Now I’ll Think Nights Understand
Forward No Longer Pity You Unscathed
From The Dead Nothing Colorful In My Sight Untitled
Genuinely Tired Of Looking Now I’m Strong Waiting For You
Gossip I Odd How Things
Turn Out That Way.
Walking With You
Gossip II On the California Streets Wanting You
Have A Party Other Horizons Watching You
Have To Ask Our Anniversary Ways to Spend your Money
He Told Me His Dreams 2 Overdoing It Weeping Willow
He’s An Escapist Paper What Do You Do
Headache Poker Face What Have I Won
He’s Gone Pop a Pill When I am Weak
Here is Me Present and Past When You’re Gone
High Roller Ragged Fucking Bastard Who is at my Side
How I Imagine You Rain Who You Tell Your Dreams To
How to do the Impossible Rape Education 2 Will Be Just Fine
I Cannot Love Rape Education 3 With You
Ice Cream Religion Without You
I Knew I Had To Right In Front Of Me Wouldn’t Have To
I Must Believe Ring Y-Shaped Cigarette
Saving Myself You Will
Saving Yourself You're With Me