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bizarre sexual stories
in the news

from the los angeles times:
two gay men, during sexual activity,
decide to push a live hamster into
the anal cavity of one of the men.
however, after they realized they
couldn’t get the hamster out, they
tried to figure out what to do. the
man without the hamster inside
him decided to light a match to see
if he could see where the hamster
was. so man-without-hamster is
perched underneath man-with-
hamster, and lights a match right
under man-with-hamster’s anus.
at that time man-with-hamster
passes wind, and it causes a small
streak of fire to jump out and singe
the man-without-hamster’s eye-
brows and facial hair. however,
because there was gas in the anal
cavity, the fireball then shot into
the man-with-hamster, circled
around the hamster, burning the
inside of the man-with-hamster.
Furthermore, the gas change and
pressure shot the hamster out
of the man-with-hamster’s anus
and into the man-without-hamster’s
face, breaking his nose.

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