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X-rays and broken hearts

Janet Kuypers

X-rays of small children
show two rows of teeth,
because once baby teeth
are too small for the child,

adult teeth push those baby teeth
out, break through the gums
and take over the job.
And this is really remarkable —

I mean, it’s not like your hair
which can always grow out,
and even though skin
is the largest human organ

it’s not like shedding
and growing more skin,
it’s not like cutting yourself
and watching an organ heal.

These are bones,
because your body knows
before you’re born
what you need in life...

And I wonder why
genetics hasn’t figured out
that we humans may need
a new heart, a back-up,

after it has been broken
too many times. Because,

after you’re been fired
and someone there watches
you collect your belongings
and escorts you out forever,

or after you’re sent you can’t
remember how many résumés,
and even if you’re interviewed,
they never want you back.

Or after you find your one
true love, well, that’s when
they move away, to get away
from you forever.

Or after your family dies,
and you’re alone.

After it feels like your heart
is always about ready to break,

it make me wonder why
genetics hasn’t figured it out.
We might need a back-up.
Our heart can only take so much.

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All rights reserved. No material
may be reprinted without express permission.

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